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Umi Matsuzaki is a 16-year-old trainee at Isogo High School living in Coquelicot Mansion, a boarding residence forgeting the Port of Yokohama in Japan. Her mom Ryoko is a clinical professor researching abroad in the USA. Umi runs your house and also looks after her younger brother or sisters Sora and Riku and also her grandma, Hana. University student Sachiko Hirokouji as well as doctor-in-training Miki Hokuto likewise live there. Each early morning, Umi raises a collection of signal flags with the message "I pray for secure trips".

One day, a poem concerning the flags being increased is published in the school newspaper. Avoid Kazama, the poem's writer and also a member of the journalism club, witnesses the flags from sea as he trips a tugboat to institution. At school, Umi satisfies Steer clear of when he participates in a daredevil stunt for the paper, leaving Umi with an adverse impression. Umi later on goes along with Sora to obtain Shun's autograph at the Quartier Latin, an old and also run-down structure real estate the secondary school's clubs. Umi finds out that Shun releases the institution newspaper, along with Shirō Mizunuma, the institution's pupil government head of state. She winds up helping on the paper. Later, Reject convinces the various other trainees to renovate the structure after a debate on the future of the Quartier Latin, which may be destroyed. At Umi's tip, the women trainee body cooperates with the various other trainees.

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Back at Coquelicot Estate, Umi shows Reject a photo of two young naval males. Among these males is her departed dad Yūichirō Sawamura, who was killed in the Oriental War. Shun is shocked to see the photo. In the house that evening, he opens up a note pad to reveal he has a replicate of Umi's photograph. He examines his daddy, that discloses that Yūichirō arrived at their house one night with a young Shun, shortly after the end of The second world war. The Kazamas had just recently shed their infant, so they adopted Shun. Upon finding that he is preventing her, Umi eventually confronts Shun, who reveals they might be brother or sisters. Having inspected the city records, Steer clear of finds that both their names are in the Sawamura family members registry. Umi has the ability to conceal her sensations from Shun, and also they continue as pals.

When the improvement of the Quartier Latin is complete, the Kanagawa Prefectural Board of Education determines to wage the building's demolition. The pupils nominate Shun, Umi, and Shirō to go to Tokyo and also consult with Tokumaru, an entrepreneur and also the college board's chairman. The triad takes a trip via the city, which is in prep work for the 1964 Summertime Olympics, as well as efficiently persuade Tokumaru to see the Quartier Latin. As Shirō leaves the team, Umi professes her love to Steer clear of, as well as he reciprocates her feelings in spite of their situation.

After she returns house, Umi finds that her mother, Ryoko has returned. Ryoko discloses that Shun's father was Hiroshi Tachibana-- the second male in the photo. In 1945, Tachibana was killed in a mishap on a repatriation ship. Reject's mommy died in giving birth, as well as his various other loved ones were killed in the atomic battle of Nagasaki. Nevertheless, Ryoko was not able to elevate Shun, as she was expecting with Umi during her time as a medical student. Yūichirō registered the child as his own to prevent leaving Steer clear of as an orphan in the baffled postwar years, yet Shun was at some point offered to a neighborhood couple, the Kazamas. Umi, however, still has worries.

Tokumaru later on visits the Quartier Latin and also, thrilled by the students' efforts in renovating the structure, he decides to abandon the demolition. Umi and Steer clear of are quickly summoned to the harbor. They satisfy Yoshio Onodera, now a ship's leader, that was the third male in the picture, as well as the single survivor of the 3. Verifying that Umi as well as Avoid are not related by blood, Onodera tells the full tale of the two marine guys in the previous age. With every little thing solved, Umi go back to Coquelicot Manor and also resumes her day-to-day routine of increasing the flags.

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