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In the 1880s, an English couple and their infant child escape a burning ship, ending up on land near undiscovered jungles off the coast of Africa. The couple craft themselves a treehouse from their ship's wreck, yet are ultimately eliminated by Sabor, a rogue leopardess. Kala, a women hill gorilla that recently lost her own kid to Sabor, listens to the cries of the orphaned human infant as well as locates him in the wrecked treehouse. Though she is assaulted by Sabor, Kala and also the child take care of to escape. Kala takes the baby back to the gorilla army to increase as her own, an act of which her friend, Kerchak, disapproves. Kala increases the human youngster, calling him Tarzan. Though he befriends other gorillas in the troop as well as other animals, consisting of the young women gorilla named Terk and also the paranoid male elephant called Tantor, Tarzan finds himself unable to keep up with them, so he takes fantastic initiatives to boost himself. As a boy, Tarzan has the ability to eliminate Sabor with his unrefined spear and also protect the troop, getting Kerchak's unwilling respect.

The gorilla army's serene life is disrupted by the arrival of a group of human explorers from England, consisting of Professor Doorperson, his little girl Jane, as well as their hunter-guide Clayton. Jane is mistakenly divided from the group and gone after by a pack of baboons, as well as Tarzan saves her. He identifies that she coincides as he is: a human. Jane leads Tarzan back to the travelers' camp, where both Concierge and also Clayton take excellent passion in him-- the previous in regards to clinical progression while the latter wanting to have Tarzan lead him to the gorillas to ensure that he can capture them and also return with them to England. Regardless of Kerchak's warnings to be wary of the humans, Tarzan continues to go back to the camp as well as be educated by Doorperson, Clayton, and also Jane to speak English and discover of the human world, and he and Jane begin to fall in love. Nonetheless, they are having a tough time persuading Tarzan to lead him to the gorillas, because of Tarzan's concern for their safety and security from the risk of Kerchak.

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The travelers' ship returns to get them. Jane asks Tarzan to return with them to England, but Tarzan then asks Jane to stick with him when Jane explains the unlikelihood of ever going back to Tarzan's home. Clayton convinces Tarzan that Jane will certainly stick with him forever if he reveals the gorillas. Tarzan agrees as well as leads the celebration to the nesting premises, while Terk and also Tantor appeal Kerchak away to stay clear of having him strike the human beings. Doorperson and also Jane are thrilled to mingle with the gorillas, however Kerchak returns and threatens to kill them. Tarzan is compelled to hold Kerchak away while the people get away, as well as makes a decision to leave the army himself, now embarrassed by his actions. Kala takes Tarzan to the treehouse she located him in, shows him his true past, and informs him that she desires him to be satisfied whatever he chose. Tarzan puts on a fit that belonged to his Dad, representing his choice to go to England. When Tarzan boards the ship with Jane and also Concierge the following day, they are ambushed by Clayton and atrioventricular bundle of stowaway thugs and apprehended in the brig. Tarzan leaves with the assistance of his friends, as well as he races back to the gorillas' residence ground. Clayton mortally injuries Kerchak and after that involves Tarzan in a tough fight throughout the vine-covered trees. Although Tarzan saves his life, Clayton inadvertently lynches himself when he drops with a vine entangled around his neck. Kerchak, in his dying breath, lastly approves Tarzan as his very own and names him as leader of the gorilla troop. The rest of the gorillas are freed after frightening the remainder of Clayton's guys.

The following day, as Doorperson and also Jane prepare to leave on the ship, Tarzan reveals that he now prepares to stay with the gorilla army. As the ship leaves shore, Concierge urges his little girl to stick with the guy she enjoys, and Jane leaps over the top to return to shore; Doorperson quickly follows her. The Porters reunite with Tarzan and his household as well as embark on their new life together.

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