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Asterix and Cleopatra (French: Astérix et Cléopâtre) is a Belgian/French computer animated film launched in 1968; it is the second Asterix adventure to be made into an attribute movie. Looked after by Asterix developers Goscinny as well as Uderzo (that had no involvement in the production of the first movie Asterix the Gaul), the film is visibly much more well-produced than its prequel, including far more thorough animation and also a much more sleek soundtrack.

Asterix and also Cleopatra is virtually a musical, showcasing three specific song series and a much more different score compared to the earlier movie. Components of witticism and unique humour (such as Cleopatra's vocal singing lion as well as the engraving of Santa Claus on the pyramid wall) project throughout.
After a heated disagreement with Julius Caesar over his absence of belief in the Egyptian individuals, Queen Cleopatra takes part in a bet declaring that she could have an amazing royal residence constructed for him in Alexandria within three months. She provides this huge activity to her ideal architect Edifis (despite his imperfections), educating him that he will be covered with gold if he is successful or tossed to the crocodiles if he fails. Daunted and anxious, thinking the job to be insurmountable without some sort of magic, Edifis travels to Gaul to seek assistance from the renowned druid Getafix.

Getafix agrees to go back to Egypt with Edifis, while Asterix as well as Obelix demand accompanying them. Obelix even more insists that Dogmatix be permitted to sign up with the trip and smuggles him along regardless of objections from Asterix. En path to Egypt, Edifis' ship is met by a gang of pirates. Poetic justice rules the day as the pirate ship is boarded by Asterix and Obelix, who scuttle it after a mainly discriminatory battle. After reaching Egypt, it becomes clear that Edifis is not an especially talented designer; in Cleopatra's words his buildings are "the giggling stock of those that do not reside in them". His unscrupulous competing Artifis proposes that they work together in order to build Caesar's palace on schedule and divide the benefit in between them; the catch being that Edifis alone be tossed to the crocodiles need to they fall short. Edifis rejects and Artifis swears vengeance, agitated even more by the injuries he sustains while negotiating Edifis' residence (which later on falls down entirely).
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