Whisper of the Heart (Japanese: 耳をすませば Hepburn: Mimi wo Sumaseba?, literally "If you listen carefully") is a 1995 Japanese computer animated enchanting dramatization movie directed by Yoshifumi Kondō as well as written by Hayao Miyazaki based upon the 1989 manga of the same name by Aoi Hiiragi. The movie stars Yoko Honna, Issei Takahashi, Takashi Tachibana, Shigeru Muroi, Shigeru Tsuyuguchi and Keiju Kobayashi. It was the first theatrical Workshop Ghibli film to be directed by somebody other than Miyazaki or Isao Takahata.

Whisper of the Heart was Kondō's only movie as supervisor before his fatality in 1998. Studio Ghibli had hoped that Kondō would come to be the successor to Miyazaki as well as Takahata. [1]
A related film entitled The Pet cat Returns that concentrated on a small character of the film, Baron, was released in 2002.
Shizuku Tsukishima is a 14-year-old student at Mukaihara Junior high, where she is buddies with Yuko Harada. Staying in Tokyo with her moms and dads Asako and Seiya, along with her older sister Shiho, Shizuku is a bibliophile and likes composing. Throughout a normal night, she looks through the checkout cards in her collection books. She uncovers they have been looked into by Seiji Amasawa. Over the next few days, Shizuku experiences a boy, later revealed to be Seiji, who frequently irritates her.

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Locating a cat riding a train, Shizuku follows it to find an antique store run by Shiro Nishi. In the shop is a feline statuette, "The Baron". After Shizuku returns home, she learns from Yuko that Sugimura has unintentionally distressed her, as he does unknown that Yuko likes him and rather has been having a crush on Shizuku herself. Sugimura's actions create an argument with Shizuku, that at some point turns him down.

At the antique store, Shizuku sings "Take Me Residence, Country Roads", a track she has actually been translating for her school graduation, gone along with by Seiji as well as Nishi. Seiji is disclosed to be the grand son of Nishi, as well as Shizuku as well as Seiji befriend each various other. Nonetheless, Seiji is discovering how to make violins to follow his desire as a master luthier. Days after both meet, Seiji leaves for Cremona, Italy, for a two-month research study with a master violin-maker. Firming her willpower, Shizuku chooses to evaluate her abilities too. Discussing with Yuko, she determines to pursue her writing seriously throughout the two months. She asks Nishi if she could blog about The Baron, to which Nishi grants his consent on the problem that he will be the very first to review the completed tale.
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