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The Giant Mechanical Man is an American dramedy movie composed as well as directed by Lee Kirk. It debuted at the 2012 Tribeca Film Celebration and also was distributed by Tribeca Films.
Janice (Jenna Fischer) is a lady in her 30s that has yet to find out ways to navigate adulthood. Tim (Chris Messina) is a committed road musician who finds that reveals as a silver-painted road performer do not foot the bill and leads his girlfriend to break up with him. Janice is evicted from her apartment and also required to relocate with her self-important sis, Jill (Malin Akerman). Janice receives pressure to this day an egotistical self-help guru called Doug (Topher Style). [3] However, she fulfills Tim when they both wind up working from the zoo.

As Janice and also Tim begin collaborating at the zoo, they slowly develop a lighthearted link that progresses into a quality friendship. They incidentally bump into each various other a few times away from job, as well as at some point wind up agreeing to head out on a day. The date goes exceedingly well, and also they end up sleeping with each other; then creating a terrific connection via chat afterward.

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Janice's sis, Jill, spends a lot of the flick attempting to create a relationship in between Janice and Doug, which truly is something where Janice has no passion. While on a semi-forced date with Doug, Janice strolls by Tim while he remains in his Mechanical Man costume as well as does not recognize it is him. At this appropriate moment, Doug has his arm around her and also adopts a kiss as they improve out of Tim's view. Janice declines his advancements yet Tim, sadly, does not see.

Tim is really injured as well as cuts off contact with her, which is perplexing to her considering that she does not recognize that he saw her and Doug with each other.

As she leaves a theater where Tim was supposed to join her as well as satisfy Jill, she sees the Huge Mechanical Male once more, and takes the opportunity to confess her situation to him. As she proceeds chatting, he reveals himself to be Tim, as well as they grip hands as they deal with each other as well as smile.

Credits roll, and also short scenes show up hinting at a delighted connection unraveling over an indeterminate time period.
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